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Ping-Pong Grenade (Metal On Metal – Bastard)
Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 1: Never Look Back)
Les Voca People débarquent
The Beat of New York
Parkour musikal
Sexy Sushi – Enfant de putain
Cee Lo Green – F*CK YOU (early video clip)
Brigitte – Ma Benz (reprise NTM)
Cee Lo – F*ck You
WAX TAILOR – Say Yes (feat ASM)
Jurassic 5 – Swing Set
La Bikini Machine, une machine à faire les cons
Lovely Bloodflow
I’m yours au ukulele
Chinese Man – I’ve got that tune
rock’n’roll kid
Bikini Machine – Shake
vive la moustache !